The Victoria Conference on Northwestern Languages (PDF)

Mary R. Haas, Eung-Do Cook, Philip W. Davis and Ross Saunders, John A. Dunn, William H. Jacobsen Jr., Laurence C. Thompson


1979, Digital version of out-of-print paperback, 176 pages

ISBN 0-7718-8133-9


This publication collects the papers presented at the 1976 Victoria Conference on Northwestern Languages, hosted by what was then the British Columbia Provincial Museum. Scholars address linguistic forms in some of the many languages spoken by the peoples of the Northwest Coast: from Eung-Do Cook’s paper on flattening and rounding in Chilcotin velars to Laurence C. Thompson’s piece on the control system in Salish grammar, this text is a valuable research material for linguists and historians alike.

Edited by Barbara S. Efrat


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