Sound Heritage: The Gulf Islanders (PDF)




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The Gulf Islands, though centrally located between British Columbia’s major centres of population, have not been in the mainstream of the province’s historical development. Rather, they have been for most people a place to pass through or to visit. Yet for a small but fascinating group of transplanted Britons, the islands became their home.

This issue of Sound Heritage explores the accounts and recollections of some early Gulf Islands settlers, among them Mabel Davis, Bea Hamilton, Herbert Spalding, Archie Georgeson, Beatrice Freeman, Ruth Maude, Mrs. Fred Smith, Beryl Weatherell, Mrs. Peter Georgeson, Mrs. Crawford Twiss, Len Bittancourt, Constance Swartz, Mrs. M.K. Cunningham, William Palmer, Dora Payne and Neptune Grimmer, among others.


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