Syesis: Vol. 9 (PDF)

Edited by Gilbert C. Hughes


Syesis was a scholarly journal published by the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal BC Museum) from 1968 to 1984.

May 1977, 377 pages

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Anthony J. Erskine and Gary S. Davidson: Birds in the Fort Nelson lowlands of northeastern British Columbia
Nick Gessler and Trisha Gessler: A comparative analysis of argillite from Kiusta
W.E. Barraclough and Alex E. Peden First records of the pricklebreast poacher (Stellerina xyosterna) and the cutfin poacher (Xeneretmus leiops) from British Columbia, with keys to the poachers (Agonidae) of the Province
R. Wayne Campbell and Wayne C. Weber: Occurrence and status of the Tufted Duck in British Columbia
Stephen R. Johnson: Spring movements and abundance of birds at Northwest Cape, St. Lawrence Island, Bering Sea, Alaska
Jim Pojar, Katherine I. Beamish, Vladimir J. Krajina, and L.K. Wade: New records and range extensions of vascular plants in northern British Columbia
Phillip A. Lebednik: The Corallinaceae of northwestern North America. I. Clathromorphum Foslie emend. Adey
Harold D. Foster and Vilho Wuorinen: British Columbia’s Tsunami Warning System: an evaluation
R. Wayne Campbell and Patrick T. Gregory: The Buff-breasted Sandpiper in British Columbia with notes on its migration in North America
Karl Banse and Alex E. Peden: Katherine D. Hobson (obituary)
Katherine D. Hobson: Notes on benthic sedentariate Polychaeta (Annelida) from British Columbia and Washington
G.G.E. Scudder, R.A. Cannings, and K.M. Stuart: An annotated checklist of the Odonata (Insecta) of British Columbia
M.L. Parker Improving tree-ring dating in Northern Canada by X-ray densitometry
V.N.R. Rao and Joyce Lewin: Benthic marine diatom flora of False Bay, San Juan Island, Washington
Wayne C. Weber and Stephen R. Cannings: The White-headed Woodpecker (Dendrocopos albolarvatus) in British Columbia
Alex E. Peden and Donald E. Wilson: Distribution of intertidal and subtidal fishes of northern British Columbia and southeastern Alaska
R.L. Smith and R.L. Shoemaker: Enzyme activities in colour morphs of the Alaskan red fox, Vulpes vulpes
James W. Markham and Julie L. Celestino: Intertidal marine plants of Clatsop County, Oregon
Ronald M. Thom, John W. Armstrong, Craig P. Staude, Kenneth K. Chew, and Richard E. Norris: A survey of the attached marine flora at five beaches in the Seattle, Washington area
John W. Armstrong, Craig P. Staude, Ronald M. Thom and Kenneth K. Chew: Habitats and relative abundances of the intertidal macrofauna at five Puget Sound beaches in the Seattle area
Roger del Moral, Alan F. Watson, and Richard S. Fleming Vegetation structure in the Alpine Lakes region of Washington State: Classification of vegetation on granitic rocks
W.B. Schofield: Bryophytes of British Columbia III: habitat and distributional information for selected mosses
R.C. Phillips and R.F. Shaw: Zostera noltii Hornem. In Washington, U.S.A.


Paul Garth Harrison: Zostera japonica (Aschers. & Graebn.) in British Columbia, Canada
Chauncery Wood: First record of the Black-headed Gull for British Columbia
Alex E. Peden and John C. Edwards: Permanent residence in fresh water of large Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta)
Julian D. Reynolds: Occurrence of the fresh-water Bryozoan Cristatella mucedo Cuvier in British Columbia
Mary K. Wicksten: Studies on the hooked setae of Hyas lyratus (Brachyura: Majidae)
Robert H. Gray and Dennis D. Dauble: New distribution records and notes on life-history and behaviour of the Sand Roller, Percopsis transmontana (Eigenmann and Eigenmann)
John C. Edwards and Alex E. Peden: northernmost known record of the Eel genus Venefica (Nettastomidae) along the North American Coast


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