Syesis: Vol. 8 (PDF)

Edited by Robert F. Scagel


Syesis was a scholarly journal published by the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal BC Museum) from 1968 to 1984.

April 1976, 414 pages

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N.K. Dawe and B.D. Davies: A nesting study of Canada geese in the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, British Columbia
R. Daubenmire: An ecological life history of Lewisia rediviva (Portulacaceae)
J. Pojar Hummingbird flowers in British Columbia
G. Palmer Shuswap Indian ethnobotany
R.R. Haering Recent applications of physics to archaeology
E. Nelson Uses of X-ray fluorescence analysis in archaeology
J. Kristiansen: Chrysophyceae from Alberta and British Columbia
N.S. Trenholme and R.W. Campbell: Survey of bald eagle population in the southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia
M.D. Guiry Halosacciocolax kjellmani Lund on Palmaria palmata f. mollis (S. et G.) Guiry in the eastern North Pacific
J.R. Stein Freshwater algae of British Columbia: the lower Fraser Valley
E.C. Conway, T.F. Mumford, Jr., and R.F. Scagel: The genus Porphyra in British Columbia and Washington
M. Guiry: An assessment of Palmaria palmata f. mollis (S. et G.) comb. nov. (=Rhodymenia palmata f. mollis S. et G.) in the eastern North Pacific
R.H. Roydhouse and B.O. Simonsen: Attribution of teeth
R. Hall and T. German: Dental pathology, attrition and occlusal surface form in a prehistoric sample from British Columbia
J.D. Reynolds and S.C.P. Reynolds: Aquatic angiosperms of some British Columbia saline lakes
G.J.F. Pugh and G.C. Hughes: Epistolae mycologicae V. Keratinophilic fungi from British Columbia habitats
S. Brough and R. Bandoni Epistolae mycologicae VI. Occurrence of Dacryonaema in British Columbia
G.G.E. Scudder: An annotated checklist of the Ephemeroptera of British Columbia
E. Conway Porphyra maculosa sp. nov. British Columbia
T.F. Mumford, Jr. Observations on the distribution and seasonal occurrence of Porphyra schizophylla Hollenberg Porphyra torta Krishnamurthy and Porphyra hiemalis sp. nov. (Rhodophyta, Bangiales)
W.E. Ricker and G.G.E. Scudder: An annotated checklist of the Plecoptera (Insecta) of British Columbia
R.W. Campbell: Seabird colonies in Skidegate Inlet, Queen Charlotte Islands, BC
L.C. Ham and M. Irvine: Techniques for determining seasonability of shell middens from marine mollusc remains
F.L. Stewart: The seasonal availability of fish species used by the Coast Tsimshians of northern British Columbia


R. Keddie: The Pacific rubber snake in Lowe Chilcotin
J. Pojar: Interesting angiosperms from Cathedral Lakes Park and the Lower Skeena River
R.W. Campbell: Marginal habitat used by glaucous-winged gulls for nesting
R.A. Cannings: The parasitic jaeger in the British Columbia Interior
P.A. Lebednik: A new record of Chiharaea Johansen (Rhodophycophyta, Corallinaceae) from British Columbia
C.J. Guiguet: An introduction of the grey squirrel Sciurus carolinensis (Gmelin) to Vancouver Island
D.F. Butler and R.W. Campbell: Notes on spring migration, including sex segregation, of some western savannah sparrows
S. Lindstrom: Records of some red algae occurring in southern southeast Alaska
S. C. Lindstrom and N.I. Calvin: New records of marine red algae from the Gulf of Alaska


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