Syesis: Vol. 6 (PDF)

Edited by Robert F. Scagel


Syesis was a scholarly journal published by the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal BC Museum) from 1968 to 1984.

November 1973, 276 pages

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R.J. Buchanan and B. Lighthart: Indicator phytoplankton communities: a cluster analysis approach
W.A. Fuller: The conservation of terrestrial communities programme in Canada
V.J. Krajina: The conservation of natural ecosystems in British Columbia
P.S.M. Pearlstone: The food of damselfly larvae in Marion Lake, British Columbia
J.M. Tucker and J.R. Maze: The Revelstoke oaks
T.C. Brayshaw: The glabrous-fruited variety of Salix cascadensis in British Columbia
S.G. Sealy and R.W. Nelson: The occurrences and status of the horned puffin in British Columbia
C.D. Bird and R.D. Bird: Lichens of Saltspring Island, British Columbia
T.B. Widdowson: The marine algae of British Columbia and Northern Washington: revised list and keys. Part I. Phaeophyceae (brown algae)
S.B. Haven: Occurrence and identification of Balanus balanoides (Crustacea: Cirripedia) in British Columbia
C.D. Bird and C.E. Beil: Throbium epigaeum (Pers.) Wallr. In North America
D.L. Krause and K.I. Beamish: Notes on Saxifraga occidentalis and closely related species in British Columbia
A.E. Peden: Records of eelpouts of the genus Lycenchelys and Embryx from the northeastern Pacific Ocean
D.G. King: Feeding habits of blue grouse in the subalpine
R.F. Scagel: Marine benthic plants in the vicinity of Bamfield, Barkley Sound, British Columbia
T.C. Brayshaw: The sandbar willow on Vancouver Island
P.F. Donahue: Ulkatcho: an archaeological outline
J. McNeill: Lewisia triphylla (S. Watson) Robinson and Spraguea umbellate Torrey, a new species for Canada
A. Lewicki and P. Donahue: A catalogue of plant species from central British Columbia
N.J. Turner: The ethnobotany of the Bella Coola Indians of British Columbia
S.A. Redhead: Epistolae mycologicae I. Some cyphelloid basidiomycetes from British Columbia
R.J. Bandoni: Epistolae mycologicae II. Species of Platygoea from British Columbia
G.C. Hughes: Epistolae mycologicae III. Riessia semiophora Fresenius
T.F. Mumford, Jr.: A new species of Porphyra from the west coast North America
M.J. Wynne, D.L. McBride and J.A. West: Polyneuropsis stolonifera gen. et sp. Nov. (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta) from the Pacific Coast of North America
R.W. Hoham Pleiomorphism in the snow alga Raphidonema nivale Lagerh. (Chlorophyta), and a revision of the genus Raphidonema Lagerh.
A.G. Edie: Sea otter sighting at Cape St. James, British Columbia
R.E. Foreman, S.C. Lindstrom and J.L. Celestine: New records of marine algae in British Columbia
J.R. Waaland: New records of red algae from Washington and British Columbia
J.E. Fralick and K. Cole: Cytological observations on two species of Iridaea (Rhodophyceae, Gigartinales)


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