Syesis: Vol. 3, S. 1 (PDF)

Edited by Robert F. Scagel


Syesis was a scholarly journal published by the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal BC Museum) from 1968 to 1984.

December 1970, 146 pages

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David Sanger: The archaeology of the Lochnore-Nesikep locality, British Columbia
National Museum of Man, Ottawa, Canada

Archaeological research in the Interior Plateau of British Columbia has resulted in the discovery of a cultural sequence spanning more than 7,000 years of prehistory. This report describes and analyses the sites and artifacts which are the physical remains of this sequence. The emphasis is on the Lochnore-Nesikep locality, a cluster of sites along the banks of the Fraser River midway between Lytton and Lillooet. Here, between 1961 and 1965, over 8,000 finished pieces were excavated from more than 20 components. Many of the sites are stratified with up to seven components recognized. All sites are open stations with winter habitations (pithouse villages), summer fish-drying camps, and burial sites. The artifacts are described and analysed through the study of attributes as opposed to types. Projectile points are arranged into groups and described in detail, with qualitative and quantitative attributes tabulated. Microblades and their attendant cores are accorded even more extensive treatment in two sections; section one describes the morphological characteristics of cores, and examines the particular manufacturing techniques involved. This section also presents a detailed functional analysis of microblades and artifacts based on microblades. Approximately 700 microblades and 70 cores are included in the analysis. In Appendix I, David Wyatt examines the morphological characteristics of microblades and presents new techniques for study and interpretation. Other artifact classes are described in less detail. However, in most instances, the emphasis is upon attribute analysis with extensive quantitative and distributional data presented in tabular form.


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