Syesis: Vol. 15 (PDF)

Edited by Gilbert C. Hughes


Syesis was a scholarly journal published by the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal BC Museum) from 1968 to 1984.

May 1983, 70 pages

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Robert J. Ellis and Natasha I. Calvin: Observations on the 1975 class of Laminaria gruenlandica and incidental ecological observations, southeastern Alaska, 1975–80
Mary Needler Arai and John C. Mason: Spring and summer abundance and vertical distribution of Hydromedusae of the central Strait of Georgia, British Columbia
B. Robinson, M.C. Feller and K. Klinka: Four common mosses as indicators of forest floor acidity in the Coastal Western Hemlock Zone of southwestern British Columbia
Beverly A. Kask, John R. Sibert and Barbara Windecker: A check list of marine and brackish water harpacticoid copepods from the Nanaimo estuary, southwestern British Columbia
D.J. Garbary, L. Golden and R.F. Scagel: Capsosiphon fulvescens (Capsosiphonaceae, Chlorophyta) rediscovered in the northeastern Pacific]
Matthew H. Dick and Irving M. Warner: Pacific sand lance, Ammodytes hexapterus Pallas, in the Kodiak island group Alaska
Daphne Fautin Dunn: Paraphelliactis pabasta, a new species of hormathiid sea anemone from abyssal northeastern Pacific waters (Coelenterata: Actiniaria)
Sandra C. Lindstrom, Michael J. Wynne and Natasha I. Calvin: Pleonoporium pedicellatum sp. nov. and notes on Pleonosporium spp. (Rhodophyta, Ceramiaceae) from Alaska


Edward A. Black: Southward extension of the known range of the masked greenling, Hexagrammos octogrammus (Pallas 1811), with a note on congeneric species caught in the Queen Charlotte Strait area
Natasha I. Calvin: Occurrence of Omphalophyllum ulvaceum Rosenv. (Phaeophyta, Pogotrichaceae) in the North Pacific


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