Syesis: Vol. 13 (PDF)

Edited by Gilbert C. Hughes


Syesis was a scholarly journal published by the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal BC Museum) from 1968 to 1984.

September 1981, 217 pages

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David B. Schowalter: New records of British Columbia Bats
Sigurd Olsen: Type locality of Boschniakia hookeri Walpers
Won Shic Hong: Hepaticae of the Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, British Columbia
S.G. Cannins: New distributional records of Odonata from northwestern British Columbia
Pierre Tardent: A giant Tubularia (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from the waters of the San Juan Islands, Washington
Howard M. Feder and A.J. Paul: Seasonal trends in meiofaunal abundance on to beaches in Port Valdez, Alaska
Donald H. Mitchell: DcRt 1: A salvaged excavation from southern Vancouver Island
Jerome S. Cybulski: Skeletal remains from Lillooet, British Columbia, with observations for a possible skull trephination
Michael A. Spindler and Brina Kessel: Avian population and habitat use in interior Alaska taiga
Rolf W. Mathewes: Pollen evidence for the presence of Tall Jacob’s-ladder (Polemonium caeruleum L.) on the Queen Charlotte Islands during late-glacial time
Gregory G. Monks: Saltery Bay: A mainland archaeological site in the Northern Strait of Georgia
David J. Garbary, Gayle I. Hansen and Robert F. Scagel: The Marine Algae of British Columbia and Northern Washington: Division Rhodophyta (Red Algae), Class Bangiophyceae
Kenneth O. Coyle: A new genus and species of Oedicerotidae (Crustacea, Amphipoda) from the southeastern Bering Sea


A. Ludwig Grass and Leon E. Pavlick: Occurrence of a double-flowered variant of Salmonberry, Rubus spectabilis, in British Columbia
Dick A. Nagtegaal and Susan P. Farlinger: First record of two fishes Seriola dorsalis (Gill) and Medialuna californiensis (Steindachner) from waters off British Columbia
J. Stevenson MacDonald and Keith Brewer: Range extension of whitebait smelt (Allosmerus elongatus) in British Columbia
Martin K. McNicholl: Northern alligator lizard near Courtenay, Vancouver Island
Alex E. Peden and Dick Nagtegaal: Occurrence of the pilotfish (Naucrates ductor, Carangidae) off British Columbia
Alex E. Peden and Wally Osterman: Three fish species previously unknown from marine waters off British Columbia


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