Syesis: Vol. 12 (PDF)

Edited by Gilbert C. Hughes


Syesis was a scholarly journal published by the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal BC Museum) from 1968 to 1984.

April 1980, 184 pages

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Sheila Newnham: Ching-Chang Chuang (1931–76)
Janet R. Stein and Carol Ann Borden: Checklist of the freshwater algae of British Columbia
Edward E. DeMartini and Benjamin G. Patten: Egg0guarding and reproductive biology of the red Irish lord, Hemilepidotus hemilepidotus
Roy l. Taylor: Taxonomic recognition and occurrence of Petasites japonicas (Asteraceae) in the Pacific Northwest
Melvin D. Williams: The harvesting of “sluckus” (Porphyra perforata) by the Straits Salish Indians of Vancouver Island
James J. Stelmock and Alton S. Harestad: Food habits and life history of the Clouded Salamander (Aneides ferreus) on northern Vancouver Island
Donald H. Mitchell: Bowker Creek: A microblade site on southeastern Vancouver Island
Brien A. Meilleur: Speculations of the diffusion of Nicotiana quadrivalvis Pursh to the Queen Charlotte Islands and adjacent Alaska mainland
R.J. Bandoni, J.R. Maze and J.P. Delange: Epistolae mycologicae IX Entorrhiza casparyana from British Columbia
Lynn M. Hodgson and J.R. Waaland: Seasonal variation in the subtidal macroalgae of Fox Island
L.C-M. Chen and J. McLachlan: Rhodoglossum affine (Harv.) Kylin (Gigartinaceae, Rhodophyta) in culture
Alan D. McMillan: Archaeological evidence for aboriginal tuna fishing on western Vancouver Island
Richard J. Hebda and Glenn E. Rouse: Palynology of two Holocene cores from the Hesquiat Peninsula, Vancouver Island
Naomi J. Manuwal: Vegetation of the Barren Islands, Alaska
Range D. Bayer: Intertidal zonation of Zostera marina in the Yaquina Estuary, Oregon
Roderick B. Green: Scale-bearing Chrysophyceae from seven lakes on Vancouver Island
Sandra C. Lindstrom and Robert F. Scagel: Some new distribution records of marine algae in southeast Alaska
Julian D. Reynolds: Crustacean zooplankton of some saline lakes of central British Columbia


Hal A. Beecher and Brooke Hannay Beecher: First record of Couesius plumbeus (Agassiz) (Osteichthys: Cyprinidae) from Washington
David W. Jamison: Poa kelloggii Vasey, new for British Columbia
Alex E. Peden: Rare captures of two fishes, Benthodesmus and Paralepsis, off British Columbia
David L. Stein and Alex E. Peden: First record of Paraliparis paucidens Stein (Pisces: liparidae) from British Columbia
Alex E. Peden: Occurrence of the Eelpout, Bothrocara pussilum (Zoaredidae), off British Columbia


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