Syesis: Vol. 11 (PDF)

Edited by Gilbert C. Hughes


Syesis was a scholarly journal published by the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal BC Museum) from 1968 to 1984.

May 1979, 290 pages

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Robert E. De Wreede: Phenology of Sargasum muticum in the Strait of Georgia
Alex E. Peden: A systemic revision of the hemilepidotine fishes
C.D. Levings and F. Rafi Tanais stanfordi from the Fraser River Estuary
E.B. Hartwick: Some observation on foraging by Black Oystercatchers
Philip Lambert: New geographic and bathymetric records for some northeast Pacific asteroids
A.D. Boney Audouinella bonnemaisoniae in Bonnemaisonia nootkana: in situ and in vitro studies
Norman J. Wilimovsky and Donald E. Wilson: A new species of Agonidae from the West Coast of North America
Michael W. Hawkes, Christopher E. Tanner, and Phillip Lebednik: The benthic marine algae of northern British Columbia
A.P. Nimmo and G.G.E. Scudder: An annotated checklist of the Trichoptera of British Columbia
Gilbert C. Hughes: Epistolae Mycologicae VIII. Indexes to Matsushima’s Microfungi of the Solomon Island and Papua-New Guinea and Icones microfungorum a Matsushima lectorum
Sandra C. Lindstrom and Ronald E. Foreman: Seaweed Associations of the Flat Top Islands
Leena Hämet-Ahti: Timberline meadows in Wells Gray Park, British Columbia and their comparative geobotanical interpretation
Jolly Hibbits: Marine Eccrinales found in crustaceans of San Juan Archipelago
Glenn D. Hartmann and Jerry R. Galm: A technical analysis of projectile points from the Cox’s Pond Site Washington
John R. Henderson: Charles Harrison and the Haida of Masset


Spencer G. Sealy: Abnormal bill of a Marbled Murrelet
Alton S. Harestad: Diurnal activity of Northern Sea Lions
D.L. Stein: Occurrence of Bathylaco nigricaus off the coast of Oregon
Donal E. Wilson and Grant W. Hughes: The first record of the Brown Cat Shark from Alaskan waters
Jeffrey R. Marliave: Spawning and yolk-sac larvae of the agonic fish species Agonomalus mozinoi


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