Sound Heritage: Where the Lardeau River Flows (PDF)



NO. 32

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The first permanent settlement of the Lardeau-Duncan River valleys took place in the early 1890s. Over the intervening 90 years the region has undergone several stages of development, usually in response to economic conditions, sometimes because of the social ideals of the settlers. “Where the Lardeau River Flows” traces the evolution of this region through the remembrances of the inhabitants, representing both newer and older generations of settlers. It is a sensitive portrayal of an environment and its people. The author, Peter Chapman, is himself one of the newer arrivals and adds to the role of historian that of witness.

The editors of the Sound Heritage Series are pleased to publish “Where the Lardeau River Flows”. One of the long term aims of the series is to present through oral history the different regions and locales of British Columbia. To date the series has dealt with the Okanagan, the Gulf Islands, Victoria, the Skeena River region, and the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver. While there are many themes common to these places, each regional issue reveals the striking diversity within the province and highlights the unique character of each place. The Lardeau-Duncan, one of the sub-regions of the West Kootenays, strongly underlines both these features of British Columbia history


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