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A new beginning for aural/oral history in British Columbia occurred in the summer of 1973. Desire for an aural history centre was re-affirmed, first by an aural history convention and secondly by the Government of the Province of British Columbia. On June 2, 1973, 125 people attended the Aural History Convention at the University of British Columbia. Plans for an Aural History Association of British Columbia are now underway. In August the Provincial Government approved a special grant to the Aural History Institute of British Columbia. A budget for fiscal 1974 has been submitted. The institute is now located in the Provincial Archives in Victoria and at the beginning of fiscal 1974 it will become a division of the Archives.

Another change for aural history here is the initiation of Sound Heritage (successor to the RRAS Publication) ·as an aural history quarterly. The choice of the name Sound Heritage is a continuation of our efforts to broaden aural/oral history. Therefore it is appropriate that the first feature article of the new publication is on using tape recordings in producing radio documentaries. The article has broad implications for museum and historical groups who are interested in creating and using historical sound productions.

It is hoped that Sound Heritage will offer a greater diversity of articles to our readers. The next issue of the publication is being assembled by Leo La Clare, Head, Historical Sound Recordings at the Public Archives of Canada and will focus upon national affairs.

I am personally extremely proud of the progress of aural history in B.C. and believe that the role of aural history in the province will continue to grow.

—W.J. Langlois


  • Guest Commentary—Louis Starr
  • Aural History Institute of British Columbia
  • Aural History Convention, 1973
  • British Columbia Indian Language Project—Randy Bouchard
  • Report on the Oral History Committee of the Canadian Historical Association’s Archives Section—Leo La Clare
  • A View from McGill University—Jean Morrison
  • Tape Recordings in Radio Documentaries—Imbert Orchard


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