Sound Heritage: Extra! When the Papers Had the Only News (PDF)



NO. 35

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This issue of the Sound Heritage Series deals with the journalists of British Columbia’s metropolitan daily newspapers during the inter-war years. Readers, therefore, should not seek in this volume something that is beyond its scope—the story of the newspapers of the smaller cities, of the towns, and the suburbs of British Columbia. That is a story which will have to be told another time and place. Peter Stursberg is eminently qualified to write about the interesting journalists of those days between the wars. He began his career as a reporter with the Victoria Daily Times in 1934 and was later a reporter for that era’s greatest paper, the Vancouver Province. Part of his distinguished career included a stint as a CBC war correspondent when he was the first radio reporter to cover Canadian troops in action. He landed in Sicily with the First Division in July, 1943. He is the author of eight previous books including Those Were the Days about Victoria (and the Times) in the 1930s, Journey into Victory about his career as a war correspondent and four volumes of Canadian political history based on oral history.


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