Opossums, Shrews and Moles of British Columbia

David W. Nagorsen


Mammalogist David Nagorsen covers 12 species of insectivores (shrews and moles) and one marsupial (an opossum), describing their identifying characteristics, natural history, habitat and distribution. He also discusses the general biology of this group, including diet and anatomy.

1996, paperback, 176 pages

b/w illustrations and photographs

ISBN 978-0-7748-0563-6

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In some habitats in BC, insectivores are the dominant mammals, but humans rarely notice them unless the family cat brings in a shrew or molehills appear in our gardens or golf courses. Even naturalist are largely unfamiliar with these small mammals.

Species covered in this book:
North American Opossum
Black-backed Shrew
Pacific Water Shrew
Common Shrew
Pygmy Shrew
Dusky Shrew
Water Shrew
Trowbridge’s Shrew
Tundra Shrew
Vagrant Shrew
Coast Mole
Townsend’s Mole

Royal BC Museum Handbook.


About the Author

David Nagorsen is a biological consultant based in Victoria and former curator of vertebrate zoology at the Royal BC Museum. He has studied mammals in BC for many years and has published several books and many articles on them.

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Opossums, Shrews and Moles of British Columbia
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