Mushrooms of British Columbia

Andy MacKinnon & Kem Luther


A unique field guide brimming with detailed descriptions, vibrant photos and fascinating facts about British Columbia’s most common—and most distinctive—mushroom species.

With more species of fungi than any other region in Canada, British Columbia is a rich playground for mushroom hunters. Now there’s Mushrooms of British Columbia, the newest handbook from the Royal BC Museum. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to know more about BC mushrooms—whether for study, harvest, photography or appreciation.

Authors and mushroom experts Andy MacKinnon and Kem Luther bring a practical and playful approach to helping people quickly and confidently identify the mushrooms of British Columbia. Common names trump technical terminology, fungi are grouped by overall shape and written descriptions of more than 350 common species are reinforced with carefully curated diagnostic images.

This is the go-to guidebook for anyone, amateur or expert, who loves to study, draw, photograph and eat BC mushrooms.

If you are in the USA, you can order Mushrooms of British Columbia from IPG or It’s also available as an ebook on Kindle, Kobo, Overdrive or wherever else you read your ebooks.

September 2021, paperback, 504 pages

ISBN 9780772679550


“The new Mushrooms of British Columbia is a very welcome and useful addition to our understanding of the world of nature. I have always felt that it is important to know the names of our neighbours of other species. Mushrooms are a perfect topic to observe and learn about. The illustrations are clear and large enough to see well. The photos are colourful, sometimes humorous and always meaningful. This book will expand the pleasure and knowledge of anyone who spends time in nature.”
—Robert Bateman, wildlife artist

“A first in my lifetime—a guide to the mushrooms of BC! A long time coming, but so worth the wait. Mushrooms of British Columbia is a glorious book!
You NEED this book . . . Mushrooms has everything: very large and wonderfully descriptive photos, and 350 species accurately described, with a total of 850 mushrooms and other fungi of BC.
You will WANT this book for the side stories on special people and places in BC, rare species and the wry wit of the authors. ”
—Britt Bunyard, publisher and editor-in-chief of FUNGI magazine

“For amateurs and professionals, Mushrooms of British Columbia will be the go-to book for safe and accurate mushroom identification—with an extra dose of humour—to make your forays even more fun. I enthusiastically recommend this gorgeous field guide, which is clearly the best book for sojourns into the forests of BC. Andy MacKinnon and Kem Luther have co-created a masterpiece.”
—Paul Stamets, author of six books including Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

“Interspersed among the pages are various odds and ends, including asides on various aspects of mushroom biology or ecology, mushroom folklore, poems, stories, and entertaining pictures . . . I think Mushrooms of British Columbia [is] the must-have book for mushroom enthusiasts and those eager to broaden their knowledge of nature in British Columbia and the northwestern United States.”
West Coast Forager

“A four-year labour of love for the authors, the field guide is a fascinating look at 350 of the most prolific mushrooms in the province. It’s full of colourful photos — most shot by local mycologists — simplified species descriptions and their habitats, and what you can ­consume and what might really make you sick and even kill you.

The guide is neatly organized into mushroom groups, from gilled and veined to cups, clubs and corals. And it’s sprinkled with essays that add context through the various groups, like the dreaded spread of the lethal death cap in our urban environments to the so-called magic mushrooms once sought only for a high and now being used to treat serious afflictions such as post-­traumatic stress disorder, addictions and depression.”
—Darren Kloster, the Times Colonist

“This is a book that should be on the shelf, and in the daypack, of every naturalist in BC!”
—Ken Lertzman, Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy Newsletter

“More than 350 of our most common species are made easily identifiable . . . it’s a lively and engaging read. . . . This volume on BC’s myriad of mushrooms is definitely a keeper.”
—Cherie Thiessen, for BC Magazine

“Completely satisfying on every level. The text is clear and concise and informative without being overwhelming. . . . Detailed species descriptions and diagnostic photos provide plenty of scientific information for the serious fungi enthusiast.”
—Jocie Brooks, for the BC Review


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