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This issue of Sound Heritage is concerned with the history and literature that has grown from the subculture of this province’s logging communities. Considering the fact that British Columbia’s economy is based on the forest industry, there is not a great deal of documentation on this aspect of our social fabric. This issue deals with much of the material that has been written about that life-style, and it is written by many of those who are responsible for creating the literature that does exist.

What is attempted here is historical documentation in its broadest, and most human, sense. This is the gathering of the poetry and voices, the histories, and myths of men who are able to write and speak about a life-style with the kind of knowledge that is born from direct, often rough, experience.

As was the case with Volume IV, No. 2, and Volume V, No. 3, of Sound Heritage, this is once more a creative examination of history and an exploration of landscape. There has also been some attempt to make this a useful tool of reference for those interested in further reading.

Finally, after uttering all the grave aims and motives, I must say that this issue is also meant as an entertainment. Hopefully it will be enjoyed by those who wish to listen to stories well told, and those who wish to enter, for a time, the world that these men of the forest experience as their lives.


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