Land Snails of British Columbia

Robert G. Forsyth


“Well-written, easy to understand and easy to use. It is fully illustrated, well-referenced and, for a handbook, very comprehensive…. I highly recommend this nicely done handbook to anyone with an interest in land molluscs or the natural history of British Columbia.” – Lance Gibertson, The Festivus.

“Anyone who pays attention to the information in this volume will never look at a snail on a rockery or a slug on a cabbage leaf in quite the same way again!” – Alwynne B. Beaudoin, The Canadian Field-Naturalist.

2005, paperback, 188 pages

b/w illustrations and photographs, colour photo section

ISBN 978-0-7726-5218-8

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Land snails and slugs are well adapted to live in almost any kind of environment, from high arctic tundra to tropical forests. In British Columbia, they can be found just about everywhere, and they are important components of the ecosystems they live in.

Robert Forsyth describes all 92 species of terrestrial molluscs in B.C., and discusses their natural history and distribution in the province. He also talks about reproduction, life hstory, diet, locomotion and shell structure (even slugs have shells). Colour photographs, drawings and diagnostic keys aid in identification.

Royal BC Museum Handbook.


About the Author

Robert Forsyth is a malacologist who has studied terrestrial molluscs in BC since 1990. He is a research associate with the Royal BC Museum and has published more than a dozen articles on molluscs. This is his first book.


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