Histories, Territories and Laws of the Kitwancool (PDF)

Wilson Duff, editor


“The authors of this book are the Kitwancool themselves, for it contains their own statement of what they consider to be their histories, territories and laws.” Wilson Duff, from the preface.

1959, PDF, 48 pages

ISBN 978-0-7726-7835-5

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This book arose from discussions with representatives of the the Kitwancool of the upper Nass River area near BC’s central coast. The Royal BC Museum sought to negotiate the transfer of a few monumental poles to its collection for permanent preservation. The Kitancool did not wish to sell their poles outright, so they agreed to accept new exact copies of the poles, carved in Victoria and erected in the village. They added one other condition, that their histories, territories and laws would be written down and published for use the people of British Columbia.

This book, first printed in 1959, is a slim but important work for its contents and its purpose.

About the Editor

Wilson Duff (1925–76) was curator of anthropology at the BC Provincial Museum (now Royal BC Museum) from 1950 to 1965, when he accepted a teaching position at the University of British Columbia. He became one of the most important anthropologists of his time and published numerous articles and books on First Nations and anthropology in BC.

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